Lots Going on at AllBreed!
Obedience Training should be an education for both the owner and the dog. Clear communication is the first link in a solid training program. Force is not training, it's a bending of wills. At AllBreed we believe in working with your dog's nature, not against it. Training should fit both the dog as well as the handler! Always remember, all dogs are different. Training should not be a "one size fits all" approach. Respect, trust and love are the main ingredients for a harmonious relationship with our canine companions!

Doggie Daycare

AllBreed Canine Care is the place for your four-legged friend to get some exercise in a warm, fun place and make some friends too! More info...

Small Dog Only Daycare

Mondays are for small dogs only to come and play with us!

Animal Communicator Workshop

Deb Schneider is officially putting out her shingle as an Animal Communicator! She's been doing this work for 14 years specializing in dogs, but has read many horses too!

Sunday January 22 from 9am to 3pm $120.00

Call 651-704-9785 to sign up!

More upcoming Seminars/workshops!

Manners Class! - Let's work on reminding them how to be Canine Good Citizens in the neighborhood! 6 wks, Cost $100. 7:15pm - 8:15 pm
Work on all those "little" things you wish your dog wouldn't do, Plus we will work on Canine Good Citizen exercises, And the evaluation will be on Week 6!
Canine Acting Class! A favorite class at AllBreed! This class will introduce all the things your dog needs to know to be a star! 5wks, Cost $100. 6pm - 7pm

NEW! Tracking and Urban Tracking

We are thrilled to be able to add Tracking and Urban Tracking into the AllBreed Program! Only offered in Spring and Fall; 7 week class, $150 for each class.

Tracking- Tuesday, April 4 at 6 pm taught by Mary Hanson. Limited to five students

Urban Tracking- Thursday, Starts April 6 at 6 pm taught by Barb Swenson. Limited to five students

Call 651-704-9785 to reserve your spot!

SHY DOG Confidence Building Class

This class is for dogs that are fearful, afraid of new things, perhaps afraid of people as well. This class is not an obedience class, but rather a skill building class on how to help your shy dog overcome some of his fears and worries in a positive and sensible way. This six week course is limited to 8 dogs only. We have the building to ourselves so the environment will be calm and and quiet!

Faciliated by Debra Schneider. Call 651-704-9785 to get your spot early!

What is... Obedience, Behavior, and Readings?

Answer: All the activities you can get a Gift Certificate for! Makes a great xmas gift to help our furry friends advance in their training and social skills!

Gift Certificates Available! Call 651-704-9785 or email:


We are now accepting credit cards for payment upon registration!