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In-Home Behavioral Consultation with Debra Schneider:(within our service area) This 90 minute in-home behavioral consultation will for those dogs that need special attention outside the obedience class, which can include anxiety, fear based behaviors, housebreaking, and aggression. Cost for this session is $135. We will work on a behavior modification plan specifically for your dog! A report will be emailed and Debra will be there to help you along the way.

In-Office Behavioral Consultation with Debra Schneider:(at AllBreed Obedience in Woodbury.) These consultations are 60 minutes. Cost is $100.00. This hour of work can include behavior, obedience, or all of the above! In office times are Friday evenings, Sat afternoons or Sundays.

Pet Readings :  Ever wonder what that dog of your’s is thinking?  Let Deb help you out!  Cost is $35 for 30 minutes, held in Deb's Reading Room in White Bear Lake.  Call for an appointment.

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