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Before you get a dog...

small product photoUnderstanding your dog isn't as complicated as it seems. Look at your dog through new eyes as Debra Schneider, trainer and behavioral counselor, gives new insight why your dog behaves as he does.

Debra believes that dogs tell us clearly what works and what doesn't, but that it's a message we often ignore. Communication is the basis of all good relationships. As owners, it is our responsibility to find the key that opens our dogs' minds. Training cannot happen without a clear link of communication between the two of you. Knowing your canine companion from the inside out will make it all come together!

In this warm, compassionate and informative book you will find real-life stories of both humans and canines, as well as "words of wisdom" from Debra. This book is jammed packed with 140 pages of enlightening information about how to choose a dog, rules for your dog, what you can start training in the first two weeks of owning your puppy, how to teach the word No in a fair fashion, how to understand inappropriate canine behavior, how to teach a reliable recall, kids and dogs, and how to introduce and live with multiple dogs. It's now available at Carver Lake Vet, and Barnes and Noble bookstore in Woodbury, and also at Amazon.com!


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